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Mission statement creation

October 24, 2010

One of my biggest challenges when I was assigned to be the ScrumOfficer at Abril Digital was how to unite the ScrumMasters and make them feel confortable following my lead, once I was younger than them all. I had the simplest idea one could have: why not build a mission statement for this team and with their own ideas? And that was what I did and it worked really well!

The brainstorming sessions

I organized a couple of sessions where each and everyone of them helped with their ideas of what our mission was. During this sessions not only they worked as a team, but also I was able to learn what each one of them was feeling about my leadership.

The result

After some sessions, the team finally agreed with this mission statement: “Orchestrate the realization of our organization’s business requeriments following the agile principles.”


After the mission statement creation no one had any doubt that I could lead them to a better future in our company, a future where the agile principles would start to be better understood.