The Return of the Jedi

It was a long time since my last post. To be short: in a certain point in time I was a ScrumMaster and suddenly I was the manager of an entire ScrumMasters team, being responsible for the entire company’s software development process. Today I will start a series of posts about the learnings and insights that I had during this awesome period.

The Team

Our team was composed by 8 ScrumMasters and known as “ScrumOffice”, and I, the ScrumOfficer. Our main objective was to optimize the value chain between the business requirements conception until its delivery to the production environment, passing through development, of course. Our main pillars were: planning, conduction and optimization.

The Shepherd

My job was to guide the team in how to achieve excellency in our company’s Agile implementation, respecting the company’s constraints and trying to change/break/push/pull some of those constraints, paradoxically. And the tale started…

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